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Property Management Services

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The Vista Realty Property Management Difference

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At Vista Realty, our first and foremost objective is the care and maintenance of your Vancouver property. We pride ourselves on creating a more personal boutique experience for our clients, tailoring our services to our clients’ needs, whether it is a local strata corporation or an international home owner.

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are carried out to protect your property. Ongoing expenses don’t cease once a tenant occupies your home. Any expenses caused by tenant misuse are charged back to the tenant’s account. Any emergency repairs are dealt with immediately. We can also facilitate renovations and improvement projects if you should decide to update your property. We also inspect the property at regular intervals to ensure that the property is being properly cared for.

Enforcing the Residential Tenancy Act and addendum is an important part of maintaining your investment property. As well, we ensure the tenant conforms to any applicable Strata Corporation bylaws, or rules and regulations. We work with your tenant to make sure everything is going smooth and while we don’t expect any problems, if any arise, our experience makes us well equipped to deal with them.

Rent & Invoicing

Rents are collected and deposited on the first of each month to the Vista Realty Trust Account. Any delinquent rents are pursued.

Invoices are paid with your approval. We can accommodate your requests for bill payments of property taxes, annual utilities, etc. provided the request is made and the funds are made available. We try our best to make sure you don’t have big surprises by keeping in touch via email and issuing monthly and yearly statements.

Managing Tenants & Reducing Stress

Ending the tenancy can sometimes be stressful. We help ease this process by checking your tenant out and making note of any repairs or damage that need tending. We will work with the tenant to come to a financial agreement and will arrange tradespeople to complete any necessary work. If necessary, we will attend court or arbitration hearings on your behalf, in regards to any tenancy‐related disputes.

Fees for Property Management Services:

  • Apartment/Condo: the greater of $100 or 6% of the gross monthly rent, plus tax.
  • House: the greater of $150 or 6% of the gross monthly rent, plus tax.
  • Additional Tenant Placement and/or Non-Resident Client fees may apply.

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